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A Tale of Two Lawyers.

See how BriefCatch’s patented technology and expert suggestions let one of the lawyers focus on what matters most.

Meet The Founder

Ross Guberman

Ross created BriefCatch to solve countless legal-writing challenges

Ross Guberman

Ross has conducted thousands of top-rated writing and editing workshops on three continents for prominent firms, agencies, and courts. With degrees from Yale University and The University of Chicago Law School, Ross is the author of best-selling books, the judiciary’s choice to train new federal judges, an expert witness, a former lawyer at a top firm, a former law school adjunct professor, a popular conference speaker, and a frequent commentator for The New York Times and other publications. Ross created BriefCatch to solve countless legal-writing challenges. He uses the product every day.

Smart Technology

Make every word count with our patented NLP engine.

Stay Current

Receive regular updates with over 11,000 tailored legal suggestions.

Write with Confidence

AI-driven accuracy to catch mistakes before your readers.

All Devices Welcome

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word on PC, Mac, or Word Online.

for serious legal writers

By lawyers. For lawyers.

BriefCatch is the tool of choice for serious legal writers. That’s why our clients include Supreme Court Justices, the Department of Justice, and some of the world’s largest law firms, not to mention thousands of other judges, agencies, and lawyers of every type.

Focus on what to say,

not how to say it.

Catch typos

Clean up citations

Streamline sentences

Modernize legalese

Fine-tune word choice

Learn while you work

Match writing wits with the best.

Tired of editing products with stale technology and static edits? BriefCatch features the latest in natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

We mine this data to fine-tune both our editing rules and our BriefCatch scoring system, which lets you compare your drafts with the writing of legal luminaries such as Paul Clement, Elena Kagan, and Antonin Scalia.

Working hard for you around the clock.

We strive to make BriefCatch work better every day by listening to user feedback while continually refining and expanding our universe of unique edits and consistency checks.

BriefCatch. Love is all around.

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